Sierra Chart Development

Sierra Chart is a professional trading platform for the financial markets which is integrated with many externally available trading services.
It supports live and simulated trading, as well as chart-based and fully automated trading.
Sierra Chart is an excellent value with low pricing to make it very affordable.
It is also one of the most stable and well-documented platforms that we have ever seen, with an incredibly long list of features, and an almost endless array of possible customizations.

Whether you want to create an indicator for your own use, or develop an add-on product for resale, we can help you from start to finish.

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Please see the Terms and Conditions tab below for more information on the process.

Terms and Conditions

Client will provide a detailed description of the programming job to be performed, in the form of an email or an attachment to an email (i.e., text file or Word document).

Trader Systems will review that project description and provide Client with a price quote based solely upon the details provided in the project description. If the project description, or any part thereof, is vague or otherwise unclear, Trader Systems will request a revised project description and/or work with Client to revise the project description.

At Client’s request, Trader Systems will be glad to review and sign a standard non-disclosure agreement assuming that at least some part of the project is truly the intellectual property of the Client.

There are different possible pricing options for custom work:

On an hourly or project-estimate basis (i.e., client purchases the programming services); or

The price quote will be based upon a pre-determined hourly rate (currently between $100/hour and $175/hour depending on the project type and platform).

If Client elects to proceed, payment can be handled in one of two ways:

Trader Systems reserves the right to request payment in the form of a cashiers check or wire transfer for jobs over $150. Personal checks may be accepted in lieu of cashier’s check or wire transfer but payment will not be considered complete until the check has cleared (usually 5 business days after deposit).

Trader Systems will accept responsibility for correcting all errors and mistakes (that are the fault of Trader Systems) in any work product provided to Client. Trader Systems is not responsible for any errors, loss of functionality, instability or inoperability caused in whole or in part by the Sierrachart platform or the programming language, or any other factors that are outside the control of Trader Systems.

Any changes and/or additions to the project description are the Client’s responsibility and may carry an additional cost above and beyond the original quote.

The determination of job completion will be based solely on the project description. Once all items and issues contained in the project description have been addressed, Trader Systems will consider the job as completed and any outstanding payments will be due.

Trader Systems will develop all work product on the most recent software platform on which the project is based. Trader Systems,. provides no guarantees that work product will function on earlier or later Sierrachart versions as that is completely outside of Trader Systems‘s control.

If Trader Systems has agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement then all work product is the property of Client and Trader Systems will agree to destroy all work product in Trader Systems‘s possession at Client’s request. Client must agree to all terms and conditions, as outlined above, before work will start.