Five Moving Averages

Five Moving Averages

Draws five moving averages at the same time on your graphic on different periods to help you to follow the trend or trend direction changes

Categories: Indicators
Platforms: Sierra Chart

Price: $9.99

Five Moving Averages Indicator

This indicator draws Five Moving Averages on your graph at the same time and they are configurable on different periods or types


Five Moving Averages Settings

Length: Length of period for the selected Moving Average
Type: Type of selected Moving Average (Exponential, Linear Regression, Simple, Weighted, Wilders, Smoothed, Simple Skip Zeros)


Example 1:

The emas are rejecting the price while Pace of Trades showt that there it's no pressure on price direction change, the supply its in control until the EMAS are crossed and the demand takes the control of the market while the emas are rejecting the price on this new trend


Example 2:

Emas are rejecting the price change while pace of trades shows that the buyers are more aggresive than sellers, the demand are in control and there it's no supply