Auto Levels

Auto Levels Indicator

Auto Levels Indicador draws the most important supports and resistances on the current session. It also draws the average daily ranges.


Auto Levels Support and Resistances

Current Session High
Current Session Low

Previous Session High
Previous Session Low

Asian Session Open
Asian Session Close
Asian Session Range High
Asian Session Range Low

London Session Open
London Session Close
London Session Range High
London Session Range Low

Pivot Point
Pivot Point Resistance Projections: R1, R2, R3
Pivot Point Support Projections: S1, S2, S3

Auto Levels Average Daily Ranges

3 Day Average
5 Day Average
10 Day Average
20 Day Average

Auto Levels Settings

Display Av Daily Range: Can display the values in ticks or points
X Position: The X position on the chart
Y Position: The Y position on the chart